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presale perks

  • 🏆Early Access: Reservations will be available to Presale holders before new attendees

  • 💸Best Pricing: Presale tickets are discounted from wide-release reservations

  • 👟Catch Up Code: Get a 15% discount on any Season One or Two reservation

  • ⚙️Behind the Scenes Content: Sneak peeks from our workshop as we build things out

  • 🎖️Season Three Pin: For you collectors out there, we see you

  • 🎉Presale Party: Join us for a special Launch Party ahead of final release

why presale?

Last year, when we dropped our Season Two Presale, we'd been open just eight months. To our astonishment, the support was overwhelming, nearly selling out our first two months of Season Two. It was a powerful affirmation that encouraged us to chase our wildest dreams.We've been quietly laying the groundwork for Season Three for some time now, and it's no exaggeration to say that our vision is more ambitious than ever. This presale is an opportunity for us to stir up excitement and expand the scale of our schemes.We are deeply grateful for your involvement and ongoing support. We can't wait to bring this next series of stories and discoveries to life!

Expected Release: Winter 2024
We're subject to a number of factors outside our control including government approvals & overseas suppliers, so this represents our best estimate.

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